Maverick Solutions Free PC Tune-Up

  • Is your computer running slowly?
  • Does it crash frequently?
  • Are your plug-ins outdated?
  • Do you suspect virus or malware infections?

We can help!  Let our trained technicians tune-up your PCs, including:

  • Clean up unnecessary files, applications, and components
  • Optimize system & resource utilization settings
  • Update Microsoft, Adobe, and Java software and plug-ins
  • ...and if we find malware, we'll recommend remediation options

We'll tune-up one Windows laptop, without cost or obligation, on Thursdays in June, immediately following each Master Networks Team-A meeting.

I Want to Schedule a FREE PC Tune-Up!

NOTE: This is a limited-time offer that may be withdrawn at any time. Call or email us immediately to schedule your appointment so you don't miss your chance.

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