New Technology in Payment Methods

Most of our clients prefer snail-mailing checks to pay the invoices we snail-mail to them, but what kind of technology company would we be if we didn’t embrace new payment technologies, too?

We’ve been accepting PayPal for quite some time, and now, we’re proud to announce that we’re now also able to accept payments in Bitcoin!

If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, it’s a a peer-to-peer digital currency, and you can read more about it on the Bitcoin Wiki.  Its advantage over traditional currency is that it cannot be inflated by government manipulation, so similar to precious metals, it should theoretically hold its value over time better than US Dollars or other fiat currencies.  We accept Bitcoin for payment of any invoices or accounts at the then-current exchange rates published at Mt.Gox.  In fact, unlike PayPal transactions, neither party has to pay a fee for using Bitcoins, so we’ll even offer a 1% discount on any invoices paid in Bitcoin!

For the technophobes out there, we’ll still accept cash, checks, and money orders, too, and even gold or silver at spot price with no conversion fees.  Contact us for unconventional payment options.

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  1. Maverick Solutions

    With the implosion of Mt Gox, we’re now using CoinBase‘s published exchange rates as our official conversion rate for Bitcoin.
    Oh, and besides gold and silver, we’ll also now accept platinum.

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