3 Tips to Prepare Your Wi-Fi for Outdoor Parties

Spring is here, and that means outdoor living! When your guests arrive for barbecues and pool parties, will they have secure Wi-Fi everywhere they’re going to need it?  Here are three tips to help you prepare:

  1. Walk around your deck, patio, and yard while watching the Wi-Fi signal strength indicator on your cell phone, looking for any weak areas. You may be able to relocate your wireless router or add additional wireless access points to better cover any dead spots.
  2. Many wireless access points are able to create a separate “guest” network. Doing so ensures that your guests’ use of your infrastructure won’t compromise the security of your private network.
  3. Even if you’re creating a separate network for your guests, it’s still advisable to configure a WPA2 security key to mitigate theft of service and eavesdropping, but make it something easy for you to share with your guests when they ask.

If you need any help expanding or securing your wireless network, Maverick Solutions will be happy to assist you!

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