School Checklist for September Opening

A lot goes on during the summer to prepare for the first day of school; to help ensure that important issues aren’t overlooked, here’s a checklist of items to complete for the start of each new year:

  • Delete network & email accounts of recent graduates and departing faculty
  • Create network & email accounts for incoming & transfer students and new hires
  • Patch & update software, including Adobe Reader, Flash, & Shockwave, Sun Java, SMART Notebook & drivers, and Microsoft Update Service
  • Provide Internet access everywhere faculty and students need it
  • Troubleshoot & repair “problem” computers and connectivity issues leftover from last year
  • Update Website calendar, announcements, and faculty contact & bio information
  • Reconfigure phone system with correct extensions of faculty & administrators
  • Fix broken security cameras; add new ones where needed
  • Review surveillance recordings and adjust configuration to achieve desired quality & recording duration
  • Check offsite backup strategy; review backup logs and perform test data restoral
  • Price-shop vendors for email & Website hosting, Internet access, managed IT services, phone & fax service (consider VoIP), alarm monitoring service, Internet content filtering, and copier contracts
  • Revise Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

If any of these haven’t been completed, please call or email Service @  Each of these items can easily and promptly be completed by our skilled technicians.

Maverick Solutions IT, Inc has been helping its clients get more value from their technology budgets for many years, and we’re a name many of your colleagues already know and trust. We work predominantly with schools, so we fully understand your budget and time constraints.

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